Saturday, February 28, 2009

Well...I hope it's red-heads that have more fun now

Remember my $3.81 hair color bargain? It said it was dark blonde (blond?). The hair on the box was my EXACT hair color; I triple checked.

I think I'll be sticking with my stylist from now on. I'm grossly under qualified.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Lie to me already

Me: "Keaton, look at my hair, especially my part. Do you see a gray hair?"

Keaton (11, looks closely and chuckles): "Oh yeah, Mom, I see a gray hair."

Me (hmmm, she sounded sarcastic, better delve further): "Do you see more than one gray hair?"

Keaton: "Yep, no doubt, there's more than one." (no question, definitely sarcastic)

Me (in shock as I attempt to crane my neck for a better look at the offending hairs in the mirror): "Seriously?! There's more than one?"

Keaton (sensing my panic and enjoying this way too much): "Yes ma'am!"

Me (denial oozing from my pores): "Are you SURE those are gray? Maybe they're blond."

Keaton (the little brat): "Nope, they are definitely gray."

Me (clearly in the middle of a deep pre-menopausal, mid-life panic): Okay, so there's what, two, maybe three?"

Keaton (looking, pointing, and counting meticulously, OUT LOUD): "Hmmmm...there's one...two...three...four...oh, there's a bunch!"

Me: "You're grounded."

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My life with boys, er, um SUPER HEROES

When my girls were younger and had friends over to play, they had tea parties, told secrets in their room, or performed makeovers on each other. You know, nice, quiet activities because, well, girls are just easy that way.

My boys, on the other hand, can have a friend over and they plot and act out(very LOUDLY) their battles against any and all sisters evil foe who dare to threaten the safety of the universe.

Well, that, and there are the multiple good guy skirmishes that regularly lead to raging ninja moves followed by the whaling of the injured because someone didn't follow "the plan."

And while I am appreciative of the fact that we are all now safe from the complete and total destruction of the world as we know it, I find that I really kinda miss those makeovers.

But you gotta love their commitment (and Landon's ability to squease his tiny little body into that tiny little Spider Man costume on the far right.)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Student teaching

And you-know-who is always the teacher. She crawls atop the table.

Gives very specific instructions.

Corrects all mistakes.

And then poses with her prized pupil.

She's very proud of him.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coupon comeback

Several years ago we had a store that tripled coupons once a month. We used to get thousands of dollars worth of groceries for next to nothing during those special weekends and it was such a blessing as we raise a large family.

The days of the triple coupon are gone but the need to feed a large family is still very much present. After a coupon hiatus in which I pouted and lamented the good old coupon days, I am now back at it. And while I'm not getting near what I used to for my money, I am making progress.

This was yesterday's haul from Walgreen's:

Everything you see (plus a can of hairspray inadvertently left out of the picture) totaled $74.36.

I paid $9.51.

Now I have to admit that I used a $25 gift card I received when I transferred a prescription to Walgreen's, but even still. The candy, free. The foil, free. The hairspray, free. The hair color (because I haven't had any color since last summer and my gray is taking over and I'm in no position to go to the stylist), was $14.75 but I paid $3.81.

Not pictured but also purchased is several tubes of Colgate Cavity Protection toothpaste for $.14 a piece from CVS as well as numerous boxes of Nabisco Wheat Thins and Ritz crackers for $1 a box.

Not thousands of dollars worth of groceries for pennies, but I'll take it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mr. Wright

Hayden (7) was assigned a book report in which he read the book, wrote a report, and dressed up as one of the characters. The Wright brothers seemed the best choice. He chose to be Orville, though, since Wilbur didn't have the cool mustache.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oh, for pete's sake...

...give the child a coloring book or something.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cotillion cutie

Keaton has been participating in the 6th grade cotillion program. Each week for five weeks they've met at the school to learn all types of dances and formal etiquette. Last night was the grand finale and Miss Keaton (11) who originally balked at the whole idea, found a real enjoyment in the dancing and a new found love of the dressing up.

Looking much older than 11.

The only decent picture I got of her dancing with a boy (shhh!)

Having such a good time.

Even doing a little Macarena.

She danced the night away and had a wonderful time with friends.

Clearly not our little girl anymore.

(Oh, and check out her brothers below.)

Continued Cotillion

Hayden and Landon's school had their own cotillion. Leading up to the big day, Landon (5) had been so envious of Hayden (7) getting to dance with the girls that he even questioned me that morning about why he couldn't participate. The cotillion was only for grades K-3rd, and his Pre-K class would have to wait until next year.

I got a call from the school later that morning saying that so many kindergarten boys were out sick that they needed Landon to step in. Mr. Man was pretty proud to show off his "moves" when I arrived.

Big brother really likes this pretty little girl.

The pride oozes out of this picture.

Really enjoying the dance floor.

"Excuse me, may I cut in and dance with my big brother now?"

Friday, February 20, 2009

God's protection

While I've spent weeks questioning His direction for my life, I can't post again without mentioning how my family was completely protected last week when a tornado swept through our neighborhood. The worst damage occurred only doors down from our home. Several families had to go to hotels, the structural destruction so severe. Thankfully, there were no injuries. We had no damage.


I know He is faithful. I know He is here.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

All of this because of a juice pouch

Lately, it doesn't take much to initiate a fit. If I grab the wrong snack, or don't understand what she's trying to say, or if I (heaven forbid) make her put on shoes that match...each other, I can expect a meltdown.

I've been parenting long enough to know that what works best is to just disengage, walk away, and let the tantrum-thrower throw one. They eventually get tired, want a hug, and are much easier to reason with. Until then, though, this little fussbudget likes to use all of her innate dramatic devices to their fullest extent.

She tears off her bow and screams while she falls to the floor, her body stiff as a board.

She screams while she rubs her feet together furiously.

She screams while she contorts her body to get a better view of Mom ignoring her.

When none of that works, she stands up and screams (making sure tears run down her cheeks for full effect).

Then there's the screaming while she looks through her wringing hands, making sure her audience is paying attention.

The screaming-while-I-pinch-myself-so-I-have-an-excuse-to-scream-more move.

"I'm about through Mom, but not before I squeeze my own cheeks and attempt the most pitiful face possible so you'll feel sorry for me."

She's too young to realize I've been through this five other times so I have an advantage.

She also has no idea how much I'd love to join her.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Checking in

This blog was born out of my desire to share a bit of my family, my life, and my thoughts with anyone interested. I began writing it in the hope that my children would someday look back on our oft over-documented life and be able to laugh a little, cry a little, and understand a lot. I put it all out there most days and don't regret it.

Lately though, as many of you have noticed, my usual post-a-day habit dwindled and eventually stopped. I can't really explain all the reasons why; but I can say that my momma always told me that if you can't say something nice about something, don't say anything at all. So I'm not sayin' because it doesn't feel all.

And while I won't talk about what's been happening, I can talk about what I've been doing. I've been pressing in, re-evaluating, de-cluttering, re-focusing, and re-assessing my mind and my surroundings. I've been peeling back all the layers of me to expose some wretched vulnerability. Not fun, yet I've determined that forced self-discovery and putting a spotlight on one's life is great way to lose that left-over baby weight I've been griping about for almost 22 months.

I have been blessed with numerous comments on my last post, emails, calls, and text messages from sweet, sweet readers, friends, and family members checking in and making sure everything is okay. And while I can't say all is okay, I can say it will be; in fact I don't even know yet what "okay" will look like, but I will get there...eventually. I'm just feeling quite defeated, very deflated, and incredibly disappointed, but I know my God is much bigger than any of my problems and my focus will remain on Him.

Thank you all for checking in. I had no idea anyone out there would even notice; you did, and I am so thankful for each and every one of you.