Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Today is a birthday, I wonder for who...?

Today is this wonderful man's birthday. I haven't updated everyone on his arrival into our family on the blog yet, but that day is coming. For now, however, I want to honor and celebrate him on his 50th birthday!
I questioned whether the Lord had someone out there for me, someone who could love me (like, love big and hard like I do) and someone who could love my children just as big and just as hard. That's a tall order and no one I knew was capable of one, much less both. I had resigned myself to a lowering of expectations of others, and I knew that I had to commit to going it alone. As crazy as it sounds to many, God had been and had to continue to be my Husband, my Covering, my Provider and Protector, and to that point, He and I had been doing pretty well! 

Then this guy showed up. I cannot count how many times I thought and said to others "This is too good to be true." I had never experienced personally anyone who thought the way David did. I had seen it in cheesy movies and heard of such adoration from pastors and their wives from a pulpit. But that was for other people, very fortunate people who had done many "right" things, and that was not me. Hesitantly, I agreed to a date, but I was not hopeful.

Fortunately, I realized very early on that not only was he able to love as big as I do, but he can love even bigger...like, seriously, he puts me to shame! He put in the work necessary to be prepared for us. He was diligent and faithful in that work and he was forced to make many sacrifices to assure that we were all prepared for this life we wanted. 

David and I read the Bible and pray together daily. He leads our family with strength and dignity, kindness and grace, power and wisdom, all of the areas we needed so desperately. And at the same time, he's the goofiest "child" I have. We tease him about the fact that he can't pull himself away from Disney shows (Wait! It's almost over!) and he's the one yelling "Ok, five more minutes!" when he and my real kids are throwing footballs, baseballs, or playing volleyball in the street and I'm needing them to come in for dinner.

But the best part, the absolute best part, is that I like him. I like to spend time with him, to travel with him, to walk through valleys with him, to do the daily, mundane, not-so-pretty things with him that just make us look at each other and laugh at how blessed we are.







I wish you the happiest of all birthdays ever, my sweet David. We have so much to look forward to. We got a late start but that just means we get to cram a lot in! I am so excited!!


Anonymous said...

*Tears* :)


Ginny said...

Delightful! :)