Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fall Festival

My family took me to our church's Fall Festival last night. They promised me loads of fun. I was so excited!

So, they played games.

But I had to watch.

And they went in the petting zoo.

While I got to watch.

And then they rode ponies.

And again I watched.

I really hope tonight's more fun.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's almost Halloween!

"Um, please remove your hand from my head."

"I've just about had it with this witch."


When your cousins get to visit...

...nothing can ruin the good time.


Mom (noticing a very dirty shirt after his meal): "Landon, why is there chocolate all over your shirt?"

Landon: "Because you didn't get me a napkin."

Mom: "Well, why didn't you get down off of your seat and get one? You know where they are."

Landon (incredulously): "MOM! I was trying to eat!"

Monday, October 29, 2007

Things I know now that I am six months old

That car seat is the devil.

I know I can sit up. You know I can sit up. Why, then, won't you let me?

Rice cereal with applesauce?...Eh. Rice cereal with bananas?...Pretty good. Cool Whip off your sundae?...AMAZING!

My swing + Baby Mozart dvd = a great little nap opportunity.

My PTSD kicks in each time Landon comes up to me, causing my eyes to flutter and my body to stiffen. You guys really should keep an eye on him or I'm going to require therapy...and possibly medication.

I like to attack my mommy's face with my mouth when she holds me. She loves it because she thinks I'm giving her kisses; actually, I do it to hear her giggle and snort.

Mom/Dad, my bed is just a temporary stop on my way to yours; I'll stay there for one hour...tops!

Sleeping up against my daddy's side is the warmest spot in bed.

Mommy will nurse/sleep me all night long if she is tired enough.

If she is tired enough, my night is perfect.

My siblings still adore me even if I cry, poop, or spit up on them.

While I know she loves me, I have a feeling my mom is just using me as her own personal dress-up doll.

See what I mean?

Okay, I'll admit it...I do look pretty adorable.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Hayden and Keaton's school took a trip to a pumpkin patch yesterday, so Daddy and Landon tagged along.

Best seat on the trailer.


This donkey needs a dental intervention.

"We get to take one with us?!"

Hop on Daddy, I'm drivin' home!"

Friday, October 26, 2007

Yes, I am an imposter

Keaton (10) sweeping the kitchen and practicing (way too loudly) her Bible verse she has to memorize.

Mom: "Keaton, say it softer please.

Keaton: "But I need to practice!"

Mom: "I understand that, but I need you to practice quieter."

Keaton (in her best dramatic voice): "Fine 'Mommy'... assuming that is your real name."

Thursday, October 25, 2007

What? No red carpet?

As I was arranging deli meat on a tray...

Sutton (18): "You can always tell when we have company."

Mom: "Why? Because I put meat on a tray?"

Sutton: "Yeah. When it's just us, we eat out of the meat arranging, just toss us the bag."

Mom: "Well, when we have guests, it just looks nicer to put the meat on a tray."

Sutton: "I know. That's why I can't wait to go to college and then come home."

Mom: "Babe, I'll still just toss just you the meat bag."

Sutton (sighs, kind of sad): "Yeah, I figured."

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Escape fartist

Landon (3), who was running through the kitchen where I stood cooking, was surprised by his rather loud toot. He stopped dead in his tracks, put his hand over his bottom and smiled at me sheepishly, "Oops! I didn't see that one comin'."

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Last night I threatened to change my name

MOM! Have you ironed my clothes yet?! (Oh yeah, the ones I forgot to bring you to iron.)

MOM! Have you seen my belt?! (my shoes, my homework, my waffle?)

MOM! She took my hockey stick! (that I was going to whack her with.)

MOM! He stole my drink! (that was really his to begin with.)

MOM! He took my seat! (that I gave up before I realized he wanted it.)

MOM! He's looking at my apple! (at my cereal box, my bagel.)

MOM! I can too wear my swimsuit on the water slide! (even though it's 50 degrees out and raining.)

MOM! He's got my bag of candy in the shower! (showering/eating simultaneously.)

MOM! Make Peyton stop screaming! (so you can hear me whine and tattle on someone.)

MOM! I don't want soup! I only want Cheetos for dinner! (and keep 'em coming.)

MOM! I know I said I wanted that apple (that you've painstakingly washed, cut, and peeled) but I've changed my mind!

MOM! You make me so MAD! (but now I really need a hug and for you to hold me a really long time)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Naughty scarecrow

I guess someone thought he deserved a time-out.

Cousin luvin'

Baby Dayden came to visit, tickling her cousins beyond words. She's cute and charming and with her beautiful red hair glistening, treated us to her repertoire of animal sounds. Her walking and talking are a true testimony of time passing much too quickly.

Her proud mommy (my lovely sister) and daddy getting some much-needed time together.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I had visitors

They said they were coming to see the whole family, but I know the truth.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hayden's (latest) things that make you go "Hmmmm...."

"Does God make you sneeze?" (conversation and argument with Landon)

"Peyton knows I love her 'cause she pulls my hair and pinches my face."

"Mom! Landon's wearing my dvd's!" (Actually, they were his BVD's)

"Why do cows have snot?" (another conversation and argument with little brother)

"I love you so much Mom and I'm never going to leave you, not even when I get married."

"God definitely makes ice cream sandwiches."


An impromptu picnic proved to be just the thing for Master Landon (3) who has decided being home is much more fun than going to school. It was only PB&J, a few chips, and a juice pouch, but there were ducks, swings, slides, dirt and the undivided attention of Mom, Dad, and Peyton. As you might expect, he is already scheduling the next one.

Physician confusion

During their usual nighttime wrestling match...

Landon (galled by an unexpected blow): "Dad! You hit me in my eye!"

Dad: "Oh, I'm sorry Buddy. It was an accident."

Landon: "It's okay, but now you're gonna have to take me to the dentist to fix it!"

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cause and (the quite stinky) effect

Our pediatrician suggested the breast-only diet for Baby Girl until six months. We've been bopping right along with no problems until the past few days when she has lunged for and cried to taste just about anything I have eaten. She's recently attacked my banana and happily sneaked a nibble, begging constantly for tastes of all things, edible or not.

As is usual in my quest for perfect mothering (a crusade I continuously, pathetically fail), I called the doctor's office to seek approval to start cereal twelve days early. When the nurse stopped giggling at me for even asking, ("Honey, isn't this baby number six?!")I got my go-ahead.

**Okay, I'm a rule-follower; I follow the's a curse.**

Daddy got the cereal, I mixed it up, and everyone gathered 'round for the feast.

While she doesn't look thrilled in the pictures(the whole spoon concept was new and kind of threw her), her tummy got full and she was a happy camper. I was too until the inevitable dirty diaper happened this morning. Oh. my. gosh. Those breastfeeding poops pale in comparison.

Stuffed, sweet, and just a little bit stinky, that little girl of mine.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Senior Night

I guess volleyball Senior Night is one of the first "last" things we'll be acknowledging this year as Sutton inches closer to graduation. I fluctuate between excitement and a little bit of panic when these occasions sneak up on me as I often refuse to admit she's growing up. I must try to put her need to leave and my need to hold on to her into the proper perspective. She will leave and I can't won't stop her.

My sadness was compounded by the fact that one of the team's managers took her own life the night before, leaving the team, coaches, school, stunned. The grief and despair must be overwhelming for this girl's family and our hearts and prayers go out to them. All of the players wore pink ribbons, Shelbie's favorite color, on their shoes to honor her.

The senior girls and their families were called onto the floor before the game began last night where the girls received flowers and letters from underclassmen. The match that followed was outstanding as our girls won in three!

Our family minus Dad who was still on a flight home:

I, as usual, ended up chasing a three-year old:

Our favorite player:

The team: