Saturday, February 21, 2009

Continued Cotillion

Hayden and Landon's school had their own cotillion. Leading up to the big day, Landon (5) had been so envious of Hayden (7) getting to dance with the girls that he even questioned me that morning about why he couldn't participate. The cotillion was only for grades K-3rd, and his Pre-K class would have to wait until next year.

I got a call from the school later that morning saying that so many kindergarten boys were out sick that they needed Landon to step in. Mr. Man was pretty proud to show off his "moves" when I arrived.

Big brother really likes this pretty little girl.

The pride oozes out of this picture.

Really enjoying the dance floor.

"Excuse me, may I cut in and dance with my big brother now?"


Anonymous said...

AWWWW!! That's awesome!!

Miss ya'll!

Martie said...