Thursday, July 30, 2009

Twelve and totally terrific

Keaton’s birthday is today; she’s 12 years old and she is coming out of a really tough year. Sixth grade is murder on girls…and their mothers. Friends, body image, boys; once confident and full of life, these girls seem to lose themselves during this uncertain time and most never recover.

And Keaton has been no exception.

Where she does seem to differ from many girls her age is the state of her heart. This girl, this slowly emerging woman-to-be, has a heart for people, all kinds of people. She hurts for them, celebrates with them, listens for and hears their needs while others are oblivious. She has a wonderful sense of fairness and tolerance, a champion of the underdog no matter the cost.

As she enters this next year in school and in life, I want her to have hope. I want her to take all that’s happened in the last year and tuck it away, not simply to forget about it, but to use it as a spring board. She has so much to offer this world. People are beginning to notice her uniqueness. They’re going to need her.

Happy birthday, sweet girl. You are the one amazing 12 year old and you make me the proudest mom in the world.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Red, white and whew!

It must be completely exhausting...

...looking this adorable...

...and this sassy.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The bears, they were built

I had no idea that two little boys had such a desire for Build-A-Bears. I refused several times Saturday night as we passed the store-that-grabs-a-hold-and-won't-let-go of your children or your wallet.

The we went to Rainforest Cafe and what do they have? Build-A-Bears you could build and dress in forest garb. There was pleading and promises of perfect behavior for years to come. And since I'm a sucker for good behavior, I just took them back to the regular bear store and we began our building.

These children, they wore me down.

So we built bears. The boys picked their bears, or rather their snow leopard and puppy dog, while Peyton chose the standard teddy bear. I loved it when they chose the hearts to place inside. Each child had to take the heart, rub it against their hearts, rub it against their heads, make a wish and kiss it. Peyton chewed on hers a while and then stuffed it in...spit and all. I added a recorded message to each child from mom and then they each helped the nice man stuff their animal.

They "showered" their new little friends with an air blower and brushed the fur/hair. The nice man helped us dress each animal with the hand-picked clothes the children chose. We filled in info on a computer and PRESTO we had birth added bonus Hayden was thrilled to receive. We left with three HUGE boxes to transport these treasures home.

Had I known what a big deal this would be for my two little boys, I would have taken a camera. It was that exciting. I was thanked over and over again, and the numerous hugs and kisses, along with the declarations of their undying love, made the small fortune I spent just about worth it all.

Hayden's karate-clad snow leopard named Chi and Landon's Spidey puppy officially named Webster (you know: spider...web...Webster...oh, never mind)

Baby Girl was my fly-paper baby this weekend and rarely let me put her down, hence the refusal to stand with brothers and for mom to be in the picture. Peyton's bear is named Princess Sweetie Bear (yeah, her brother helped with that name.)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

We went Bonkers!

Sutton and I took Hayden, Landon and Peyton to a really cool place called Going Bonkers Saturday morning. The minute we hit the doors, this is what we saw of the three of them:

We were all a little overwhelmed by the enormity of the place.

Lots of running, jumping and climbing made these two very happy. There was even a zip line.

Trying to find her Bubbas.


I caught her scratching his back and he was in heaven.

"My Bubba always helps me."

"Mom! He just hopped on without asking me!"

I just want to kiss those faces!


Translation: New Kids on the Block were never really my thing.

But...when your boss gives you box seats in the VIP section for you and your kids, you go. And it was so amazing! We were able to go straight to VIP parking without waiting in the long lines to get in and walked right up to a special holding section where we stayed until the concert started; perfect for wiggly children.

Hayden, Landon, Peyton and I right before we walked in. Sutton was taking the picture while Reagan and Keaton are still visiting grandparents.

Showing off our special "important people" bracelets.

"Hmmm...what should I order?"

Sutton and Landon

Hayden, a little excited?

Such a sweet boy.

We found out when we got there that the opening act was the Jabbawockeez. So cool.

Hayden was not too fond of the masks but he made it. The dancing was incredible.

Sutton and mom

Oh, the screams when these guys came out.

Peyton and I agreed, it was too loud...and she was sleepy.

For all you New Kid-ers out there:

Because I'm old and my dates were young, we only have pictures from the first half of the show. Sutton was gracious enough to understand when it was time for all of us to leave. But I secretly think NKOTB has a new 19 year old fan!

Monday, July 13, 2009

It makes me smile

I just love my new header. That picture took a while to get, a long while. There was some complaining, some bickering, some snickering, and some dog poop (don't ask.) But we got it. And I love it. The individual personalities shine through and it makes me smile.

They make me smile.

I love them all so.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

A great day

I had such a great day. I got a ton of things accomplished at work. I got a bunch of loose ends tied up about life. I was getting things taken care of at rapid speed. I was on a roll. I was on top of my game.

I was feeling cocky.

I was headed out the door to run an urgent errand at 5:30pm when I realized, I had locked my keys in my car and couldn't leave, couldn't run that urgent errand. I was stuck, stranded.


So I get two people to help me. They acted like they didn't mind. They worked and worked at it. It was 108 degrees where we were standing. No kidding. I was literally 108 degrees where we were standing, where I had parked, on the pavement.

It was HOT.

Thirty minutes later they were in; my car door was open. We were all drenched in sweat from standing on 108 degree asphalt trying to open a locked door. I was late for my urgent errand. But I didn't have to call a locksmith; didn't have to pay tons-o-money. I can take care of my urgent errand in the morning.

I had a great day, a really great day.

Monday, July 06, 2009

A double blessing

I went to church twice this weekend all because of this man. Inspiring doesn't even begin to describe his story, his life, and his lesson.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

It was, well, Incredible

The kids and I wanted to do something fun so we all went to Incredible Pizza Company. We had such a good time. The food was delicious and plentiful, and the games kept everyone busy all night long. Yes!