Friday, July 30, 2010

On her 13th birthday, 13 reasons I love Keaton

35425_1515277403806_1290582857_1396609_2760180_n 35425_1515277283803_1290582857_1396608_4593319_n  IMG_7301

1.  She is quick.  Oh, that girl can make me laugh.

2.  She has beautiful, gorgeous big brown eyes.

3.  She’s the most frugal child I have.  Once she gets a dollar, she won’t let go.

4.  Because she’s frugal, she doesn’t want me to spend money.  This can be quite the pain as I have to justify anything I spend as she reprimands and evaluates my every. single. purchase.

5.  She won’t let me buy her new clothes.  She won’t let anyone buy her new clothes.  She wears the same old hand-me-down clothes and shoes year after year.

6.  She cracks me up regularly.  Did I already say she was funny?  Especially when she’s in a good mood.  But watch out for those bad moods.  They’re infamous.

7.  She cleans up sibling-vomit without being asked.  No really, she does and you can’t have her…she’s ALL MINE!

8.  She’s the first to ask if  I’m okay.

9.  She likes to fix my hair and it feels really good.

10.  She eats hummus with me:)

11.  She has the ultimate servant’s heart.

12.  Not only is she funny, which I might have already mentioned, but she is crack-your-rib hysterical and can command a room full of people with her wit.  They just sit and wait for her next one-liner.

13.  She makes me so very proud of her every single day no matter what.  I love being her momma!!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!  I love you so very much!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3, 6, 9, 12, 15


That’s how old five of my children are.  Sutton (20) kind of screws up the whole multiples-of-three theme I have going here, but I guess it’s not her fault:)

I just think it’s pretty cool when I’m asked about my children and I can rattle their ages off without having to think too hard.  Yet, this will only last another 48 hours before Keaton turns 13 and messes everything up…oh, is she excited.

But for now I can honestly say we’re in our “prime.” 

Get it?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

She’s resourceful, that one

Peyton (3): “Rea Rea, I need juice.”
Reagan (15):  “Okay, just a minute.”

Peyton:  “Keaton, you get me juice?”
Keaton (12):  “Yep, hold on just a second.”

Peyton:  “Bubbas…JUICE!”
Hayden (9), Landon (6):  “Ask Mom!”

Peyton:  “MOM!!! JUICE PEEEEESE!!!
Mom:  “Okay, I’m in the bathroom!  Just a minute!”

Clearly, she got tired of waiting and just helped herself.
 IMG_8473 IMG_8472
Yep, that’s her sippy cup lid and she’s on the counter.  Poor thing.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I heart church camp

Miss Keaton (12) went to Oklahoma for church camp last weekend.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun she’s been since she’s gotten home.  There’s nothing like dropping your surly, grumpy, I’m-the-middle-child-and-nobody-loves-me, hormone-surging pre-teen off at the church and four days later picking up your sweet, loving, okay-I’m-ready-to-give-life-(and you, mom)-another-shot, darling of a daughter.

Yeah, church camp only happens once a year.


8586_c3f2408f-13d4-47b0-81ef-96fd54bb97c4 8586_4167ddaa-c70c-44d5-b643-e994cfbaa8e38586_882d6fcb-0b77-40aa-baef-60adc83bab52  8586_597cc31b-f547-478b-93a6-25f9802fd6c5

Monday, July 12, 2010


IMG_8253 IMG_8255  IMG_8259IMG_8258

She’s so sweet it makes my heart race and my teeth hurt.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Yoga hurts, I mean really hurts


Yeah, this is so not a photo of me. 

I’m really bad at it.

But I’ll keep trying:/

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Flying high

Little is more fun for Landon than being hurled through the air at the speed of light by his Uncle David.  He hits the water, checks to make sure everyone saw the throw and the always amazing landing, then he immediately jumps back up on the side so he can “fly” again.

IMG_8400 IMG_8391 IMG_8406 IMG_8412 

Dayden wanted to try flying too.

IMG_8410 IMG_8411 IMG_8418

“Look, Mom!

IMG_8399 IMG_8393

Dayden: “I need another chip.”IMG_8419

Peyton: “Huh?”


Dayden: “I said I need another chip!”

Peyton: “Oh, ok!”


Thursday, July 01, 2010

It was zoo-pendous!

My little Peyton (3) and my sister’s little Dayden (3) have both been wanting to go to the zoo.  So being the incredible parents that we are, we made it happen.  I discovered it’s easy to plan a zoo trip on your computer from your air-conditioned perch at home; it’s another thing to actually go to the zoo when it’s 459 degrees in Texas.

Not only did we brave the heat, but we lasted five hours(!!) and had a really great time.


Landon and Peyton waiting for Auntie Gina, Uncle David and Dayden to arrive.IMG_8277



Poppie shot!  It’s a family joke:)


IMG_8294 IMG_8304 IMG_8308 IMG_8310

Peyton wanted a picture with the giraffe.  If you look very closely, you can see the giraffe waaaay in the back.IMG_8314  IMG_8307 IMG_8336 IMG_8281 IMG_8337 IMG_8330  IMG_8341 IMG_8325IMG_8349 IMG_8355 IMG_8360 IMG_8362  IMG_8375