Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sometimes only a Sissy will do

I am so thankful to Granna and Pawpaw for coming all the way up here yesterday to babysit. They drove 2 1/2 hours here to stay with the other kiddos so I could attend Sutton's playoff game.

All went well until Hayden had to go to bed. Landon was not happy that Bubba was gone and then, after taking role and realizing that not only is Daddy out of town, but Mommy, who is always here, is missing too, Landon decided to get cranky. Fortunately, according to Granna and Pawpaw, he didn't cry, just whined for Mommy and could only be appeased by big sister, Reagan.

He would only lie down with her, no one else, and eventually fell asleep...they both did. What you can't see in the picture, and what I discovered when moving Reagan, is that under those covers, Landon has both legs sprawled across Reagan's legs and was holding on to her arm.

He wanted to be the first to know if she decided to leave him there alone, a move she would never have gotten away with.

Monday, October 30, 2006


I was taking Hayden and Keaton to school this morning. All our district schools are out today but Hayden and Keaton like to go to their school on off-days because the school is open for older kids to just play.

The students get to have snacks, lunch, play outside, play video games, and best of all, they don't have to wear their uniforms. I've never seen Keaton take so long picking out her clothes.

On the way to school, I was eavesdropping on Hayden and Keaton's conversation:

Hayden: "Why are all the other schools closed today?"

Keaton: "Because it's a holiday."

Hayden: "It's a holiday? What holiday is it? Are we celebrating Halloween? Halloween is not today, it's tomorrow, you know."

Keaton: "I know Halloween is tomorrow. We're not celebrating Halloween today, silly."

Hayden: "Then what is the holiday?"

Keaton (exasperated): "Hayden! It's Saint Bernard's Day! Didn't you know that?"

Sunday, October 29, 2006

For some people the time change is just plain rough

Hayden was up and rarin' to go at 5am this morning. I know this because I was the one and only family member lucky enough to be up with him.

He took no nap, played outside, and was discovered by his sisters in the above position a few minutes ago.

The picture was taken at exactly 6:47pm...a little too early for bed, but perfect for his (I'm sure) 5am wake-up call for me tomorrow morning.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bouncin' in the house

The hot summer days are gone but we've had a few quite warm Autumn afternoons that have allowed hours upon hours in the bounce house. The kids absolutely love the bounce house because of its non-stop entertainment. The parents absolutely love the bounce house because of its non-stop entertainment...and the naps afterwards are looooong.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wacky Wednesday

This is Red Ribbon week at school and Reagan's school is having a mix-match dress up day. As you can tell, she has quite the school spirit. If you look very closely, you can see some nasty Halloween teeth she's added to her get-up.

Hayden looked at her mouth, thought a minute, and asked with a worried expression, "Reagan, you do brush your teeth every night before bed, don't you?" She assure him that the teeth were fake...and temporary.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006

Warning! For experienced parents only or very accepting friends

"I'm gonna get my Mom for this post."

Our children have always had favorite potty spots once they hit the age of realization; you know, the age (usually two to three years old) at which they know they shouldn't poop in their pants, yet they still do.

The girls always liked under-the-table spots, usually the dining room table. They really didn't care if others were seated at the table, which made dinner guests a little uneasy. The point, in their toddler minds, was that no one could see them so obviously no one knew what they were doing. Never mind the odd grunts and the odiferous haze slowly eking out from beneath the table, the girls were content that they were pooping their pants on the sly and Mom would be shocked later.

The boys, on the other hand, tend to use the piano as a hiding place to do their big jobs. I guess you could say that Beethoven had his kind of movements and the Jones boys have theirs. Hayden, who enjoyed under-the-piano jobs, eventually graduated to the potty and we were so thankful. Landon prefers the behind-the-piano position. In his toddler mind, he can't be seen, even though his torso and legs are quite visible and his intentions clear.

Today after church and lunch, as soon as we walked in the door, he made a mad dash to the piano. Jimmy, accustomed to the screams of protest if he dare mention going to the big potty, just told Landon to tell Daddy when he was done and he'd change his pants.

Landon was there a few minutes and then announced, "Daddy, I poop in da Big Boy Potty wike Bubba."

Jimmy, not about to waste a precious second, about tripped running to grab the sweet child and race him to the potty, sure the job had already been done and it would be a matter of awkward cleanup with a standing-up dirty diaper boy.

I ran straight to the bathroom and placed the long-to-be-used potty seat on the toilet while Jimmy hesitantly and cautiously removed the aforementioned diaper. The diaper was clean.

Had this child now decided on his own that this was his moment of potty glory? Was this the day we would celebrate for months to come, honoring the child whose new pooping spot was actually an appropriate, socially acceptable one?

Jimmy got a little stool (no pun intended) to sit on next to Landon and I went to grab books for them to read.

They read one book...nothing. They read another book...not a thing. They read a third book...narry a sound. They read the first book again...to no avail.

Landon then happily announced that he was through and ready to dismount when they heard a small little plop in the toilet water. If we had bells and whistles and confetti ready to go off in the restroom, no little boy could have been more proud and excited.

We screamed and jumped with him and mentioned that the next time he needed to poop, he should come here instead. He was a graduate. Big things were about to happen.

He walked away from that toilet naked as a majestic jaybird, proud as a peacock, and I swear he was two inches taller.

We would never have the heart to tell him that what had hit that toilet water was, in fact, just a "dangler" from his previous work behind the piano. But that's okay. He thinks he did it and that's all that really matters.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Marcus the Carcass

Even when you help Dad set it up in the bright of day...Even when you know it consists of only plastic and wires...Even when you know where each and every cord goes for it to work...

...Even when you watch Dad plug it in and know it's just a silly Halloween decoration for the front yard...

...The very best place to watch Marcus the Carcass when it's dark, is from inside your locked house, on stools, peering through the front door...where it's safe.

Friday, October 20, 2006

No wheels

Little is worse for a 17 year old than to be without her car, especially when she has to bum rides from friends and (gasp!) have her parents take her to school.

In Texas when a student turns 17 they have to renew their driver's license. Jimmy and I didn't realize this, but Sutton did. She mentioned it to me a few weeks after her birthday on a holiday when no government offices were open and the license couldn't be renewed.

When the topic of expired license and, subsequently, no insurance coverage with an expired license, came up again night before last, true panic set in. Sutton and I set our alarms for dark-thirty and made our way to the DPS office in a nearby town. We got there ten minutes before it opened but were still about number 40 in line. And it was cold, cold, cold.

We waited in our line and finally made our way to the information desk. The nice lady informed us that, yes, we could renew her license there.

"Do you have your license?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Do you have proof of insurance?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Do you have your renewal fee?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Do you have your TEA form?"

"Ummm, a TEA form?"

"Yes, without it we can't help you."

We left with our tails tucked, angry at each other; me with her for not telling me she needed a license renewal and a TEA form, and her with me for not already knowing she needed the darn things. Thirty minutes of a sermon on responsibilty followed that I'm sure she would love to forget.

Sutton then informed me that it takes 24 hours to get back the form after you request it from your school (proving attendance compliance), meaning not only was she not driving yesterday, but she wouldn't be driving today either.

The form was requested as soon as she got to school and will be ready today. She will now have to text me when to come and pick her up from school so I can take her back to the DPS station, forcing both of us to disrupt our days.

Her birthday was September 30th, today is October 20th; we are way late with this. It's amazing how taking a car away rearranges priorities in a teenager; what's considered an inconvenience one day (renewing a license), becomes the most important thing in the word once your parents have to tote you around.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Knock knock

Jimmy and I have been very cautious in regard to talking about my pregnancy. The kids know I'm pregnant, they've seen the ultrasound photos and videos, yet we haven't discussed the baby much in case something negative were to happen...we just wanted to give it a little more time.

Now that I am entering my second trimester, we've begun to talk a little more about the baby in front of the children. Last night, for example, as I was heading to my daily treadmill marathon, I was lamenting to Jimmy that my belly is already getting pretty round, lifting my shirt to prove it.

Keaton leapt from the kitchen area to the living room area (in a single bound) where I was standing; she has been waiting for this day for 3 months. Much to our surprise, she began kissing and rubbing my belly, talking to the baby as if he/she were already born and in our arms.

Hayden quickly joined in, moving his sister aside, lifting my shirt and covering my belly with rubs and kisses and sweet words for his littlest sibling.

Landon, who was not going to miss his chance, jumped on the ottoman and shoved both his siblings out of the way. He took one thumb and poked it in the top of my belly button and dug the other thumb in the bottom, spreading it apart much like opening a window.

He then leaned forward, peering into my belly button as if it were the peephole access to my uterus and called, "Hi baby! Awe you in dere?"


The following is a conversation overheard while the two boys were sitting side-by-side at breakfast this morning.

Landon: "Bubba."

No answer.

Landon: "Bubba."

No answer.

Landon: "Bubba."

No answer.

Mom, yelling from the laundry room, "Hayden Luke, answer your brother! He's sitting right next to you."

Hayden, irritated: "What Landon?"

No answer.

Hayden: "What do you need Landon?"

No answer.

Hayden: "Landon, I'm asking you what you want."

No answer.

Hayden: "So I guess you're not talking to me now; is that it?"

No answer.

A deep, deep, exasperated sigh quickly followed as the "ignorer" learned this morning how it felt to be the "ignoree."

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

You never know what you'll find...

...when a five-year old swipes your digital camera.


A lamp:

Henry Lee, our plecostomus:

One "red" hand:

Our fireplace flue (Would you look at those cobwebs! Unfortunately, I can't blame Halloween decorations for those. YUCK.

The little culprit:

I think it's time to put the camera high on a shelf. He's beginning to scare me.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Sundae Sunday

In our house I don't usually cook on Sundays. We often eat out for lunch after church and by Sunday evenings the kitchen is closed. I'd like to claim some lofty, noble reason for neglecting the dietary needs of my family, such as "It's Sunday. I'm not supposed to work," but that wouldn't hold much water as I make my way to the local mall to shop on the Sabbath. Hypocrisy isn't an attractive character feature.

Normally, we have cereal as our Sunday evening meal. The kids are used to it, they expect it. However, every once in a while, we have an ice cream dinner on Sunday nights. Before you solidify your stance that I am, indeed, a pathetic excuse for a mother, do know that the children are required to eat something dinner-like (sandwich, left-overs, cereal) before the ice cream.

Our dear, sweet friends, Miranda and Dave, came for "dinner" last night. We all enjoyed an assortment of sundae options. Hayden went for plain vanilla with whipped cream and a cherry. Landon was more adventurous, enjoying chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and sprinkles. Keaton, however, made the night's masterpiece, complete with two kinds of ice cream, several candy toppings, whipped cream, sprinkles, and chocolate sauce drizzled on top.

Miranda and Dave were, as usual, gracious while allowing every child a moment (or more) of their time, making each one feel noticed, a feat I feel I rarely accomplish. Dave and Miranda "oooohed" and "aaaaahed" at all the right spots and patiently ignored the frequent interruptions.

We enjoyed the company and look for more excuses to incorporate ice cream into our dinner plans. I will continue my quest to discourage Sunday night home-cooked meals and encourage "Sunday Cereal Night." I will cook occasionally as I did last Sunday, just so we don't have to eat out every Sunday lunch. I must be careful, however, that the evening meal, whether it's chicken fried steak or Corn Flakes, appear at the right times, you never know when there's a good sale at the mall.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

More grandparents, more spoiling

Today Diney and Big Daddy came and took us all to lunch. We had come straight from church so everyone had been quiet for at least and hour and we were hoping the verbal restaint would continue in the restaurant and all throughout our meal.

It did. The girls enjoyed visiting and the boys enjoyed eating, the way things tend to be lately.

We all returned to our house where our quiet boys came alive and the shows began. Diney and Big Daddy were kind enough to listen to all the girl's stories (and Keaton jokes) and clap at each boy performance.

When the noise level was at it's peak, Dad took both boys in to nap and the rest of us were able to visit for a few minutes without yelling to be heard.

What a nice time we had and what a delicious lunch. However, I'm sure Diney and Big Daddy will return to the quiet of their own home, thankful that the visits with us, while enjoyable, are periodic. We realize we are taken best in small doses.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

When my Granna and Pawpaw come to visit...

...I get to ride on the mall carousel that mom and dad always say "no" to:

...I get to play beauty parlor with Granna:

Even Bubba joined in before he left for school. (Maybe we shouldn't tell Dad.)

...I get to go to Sutton's volleyball match with the family. (But only get to stay for one game of the match because I couldn't sit still and be happy, so Mommy had Pawpaw take me, Bubba, and her home...I tried, I really did!)

...And best of all, I get to put on show after show to a captive, adoring audience of two; this performance included my cape, my hard hat, my stick horse and my favorite rendition of "Wiggly Cowboy."

Yes, life is grand when my grandparents come to visit.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Which one doesn't belong?

Actually, he does belong, I just really wanted a picture of Keaton and Hayden in their cooler weather uniforms. I was not allowed to get a picture without little brother who refused to even step away for a second.

That's okay. Next time I should at least get him dressed so he doesn't have to be photographed in his "old man" pajamas, as daddy calls them.

Ahem...the cobwebs on the mirror are decorations for Halloween. I really do clean house periodically...in between blogging, that is.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Just right...now

A costume too scary to wear last Halloween...(This is the only picture we got before he started screaming at the horse head on his chest and refused to even look at it again; he wore overalls to trick-or-treat.)

...is just perfect and so much fun a year later when a boy is older, much more mature and in love with horses.