Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cotillion cutie

Keaton has been participating in the 6th grade cotillion program. Each week for five weeks they've met at the school to learn all types of dances and formal etiquette. Last night was the grand finale and Miss Keaton (11) who originally balked at the whole idea, found a real enjoyment in the dancing and a new found love of the dressing up.

Looking much older than 11.

The only decent picture I got of her dancing with a boy (shhh!)

Having such a good time.

Even doing a little Macarena.

She danced the night away and had a wonderful time with friends.

Clearly not our little girl anymore.

(Oh, and check out her brothers below.)


Anonymous said...

Keaton looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Glad she had a great time!


Carrie said...

Keaton looks so grown up!! I remember doing Cotillion at that age, I wasn't a fan of all the practices but the end was fun.

Anonymous said...

My goodness! Keaton does look all grown up! Just beautiful! My DD is also 11 - my gosh, they were cuties in diapers just yesterday, right????

Anonymous said...

omgosh!! i think with age she has gotten to look like me more..scaryyyy, lol. And, of course, 3 feet taller than the boys... :/

love ya'll!!!!

Melissa said...

WOW! She has really grown up! It seems hard to believe that 2 years have passed since I first met her in my class! She has become a very beautiful young lady and I am so proud to have been her teacher! She has a bright personality and always brought a smile to my heart!
I am proud of you Keaton!

Gina said...

I have to agree with Sutton. As soon as I saw these pics I realized she looks more and more like Sutton...just darker features!

Helen said...

Keaton you are a knock out! You look beautiful!

Martie said...

What a wonderful education for the children! I wish our school offered something like that.

Your daughter is lovely and I'm glad she had such a great time.

Mom to 9