Thursday, April 29, 2010

Birthdays hurt a little

I think I die a little inside as each birthday rolls around and I watch the “baby” grow up.  We still call her the baby even though she isn’t.  She’s wears panties now, wants to do big-girl things, goes to school.  She has friends she loves and teachers that love her.  She waves happily at me each morning when I drop her off at school, kissing me, telling me to have a good day as she rushes back to her squealing classmates.  She used to watch me longingly as I walked away; now I’m the watcher.

She’s sassy and sweet, bossy and patient, independent and very loving.  She loves her “sissies” and “bubbas” and takes roll each day, logging in each person’s whereabouts like a mother hen. 

But mostly she likes to kiss and hug and snuggle.  She wraps her long legs around me as soon as we say hello or good morning and she doesn’t like to get down.  She cooks with me, cleans with me, puts on makeup with me, and wants me to take her everywhere  I go…and I usually do.   She likes to ride with me in the car and talk about her day, tattle on everyone, sing with her CD.

She mocks me when I direct her siblings, complete with hands on her hips and a stern face.  She doesn’t like time-outs or a “no” of any kind.  She loves her blankies, her stuffed animals, and thank goodness, her mommy.  And boy, does her mommy love her back.

Happy, happy birthday my sweet baby girl.


Birthday morning.  Cinnamon rolls with candles and many (many) rounds of the birthday song

.IMG_7215 IMG_7216

Later that morning at school. IMG_7227

She loves her teacher, Ms. Carolyn SO much.IMG_7228

Can you tell who’s bossy?


Friends.IMG_7230 IMG_7231

YAY! I’m officially three!!Peyton's 3rd bay

Monday, April 26, 2010

“I not three, I six!”

Really, though, she’s going to be three years old this week.  Since her  brother is six, then of course, so is she.IMG_7094

After we went to Jump Zone (post below), it was time for the party.  While they waited for the festivities, Peyton and Landon had to climb the fence to look at the ducks.


It was messy on the hands.


Little girl time with cousin, Dayden (3).


The boys: Landon, cousin Bailey, and Hayden.IMG_7112 

Dayden’s beautiful mommy and my sis, Gina.IMG_7116

A Dora cake made the dimples come out.IMG_7123

Two cakes made for two “Happy Birthday” songs and lots of candle-blowing opportunities.




This present made her scream in delight.

IMG_7140 IMG_7141

All smiles.


They shared!


Keaton smiled (!) and showed off Dora and Boots.IMG_7154

Reagan loves her Uncle David.IMG_7155

The girls played outside all evening.IMG_7158

Hayden and Nicci.


It was late but the party-ers wouldn’t stop. IMG_7160 Turning six, um, three is fun!IMG_7117

Jump Zone

Part of Peyton’s 3rd birthday celebration involved jumping…lots of jumping.  In fact, other than a Dora book, that’s all she’s talked about; so we went jumping.

When we first arrived at the Jump Zone, she was unsure.  There were bounce houses everywhere and they were massive.


Her brothers, however, knew how wonderful it all was and paused just long enough to let me get a pic. IMG_7050

Peyton decided the see-saw was less scary.


Reagan watched over everyone.  Thank goodness.


This, I was told, would be a grumpy face photo.IMG_7076

Ah, my surly 12 year old hidden away and listening to her ipod.  I was instructed NOT to take any pictures of her.  Probably should have put her in the “grumpy” pic above.IMG_7080

First time down the big slides was a little scary.IMG_7071

Second time wasn’t much better.


But she quickly adapted and did not want to leave.


So fun!


Friday, April 23, 2010

New 'do

A lot was cut off last night. She had to get a pic as soon as she got out of the stylist's chair. She looks so beautiful. Thanks Stacy!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big Boy Bird Business

A sweet momma blue bird decided she would build her nest right next to our front door.  Since the first twigs were placed against the wall, Landon has been completely obsessed with every step of the process.  When I can’t find him, he’s usually sitting, standing, crouching, or lying in a corner hoping the momma bird will forget he’s there and continue her nest-building. 


She’s since decided Landon holds no threat and will swoop in and out of the breezeway, chirping cautiously at the tiny intruder. IMG_7046 IMG_7042

Hayden concluded that bird-watching is a two-man job so he assumed the squatter’s position with his brother and began whistling…an attempt to call momma bird out of the nest. IMG_7045

There she is.  It was amazing to watch.


The boys followed her as she whipped in and out of the nest, making finishing touches.IMG_7047

But this was also his perch for hours, sitting quietly, whispering, being sweet and slow. IMG_7040

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A few more steps is all I’m asking…

…Just a few more steps  and these items would actually be IN the trash can and not on the floor.

Popsicle leftover stash “hidden” behind the TV.IMG_7030

Cracker packages in bedroom and in front of the couch.IMG_7034 IMG_7035

An uneaten candy bar behind the recliner.  I have no idea where it came from or why it wasn’t eaten.IMG_7038

Behind my printer.



Lazy bones.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rare photo op


All six of my babies…

at home…

at the same time…

Mom’s very happy when this happens.