Friday, February 27, 2009

Lie to me already

Me: "Keaton, look at my hair, especially my part. Do you see a gray hair?"

Keaton (11, looks closely and chuckles): "Oh yeah, Mom, I see a gray hair."

Me (hmmm, she sounded sarcastic, better delve further): "Do you see more than one gray hair?"

Keaton: "Yep, no doubt, there's more than one." (no question, definitely sarcastic)

Me (in shock as I attempt to crane my neck for a better look at the offending hairs in the mirror): "Seriously?! There's more than one?"

Keaton (sensing my panic and enjoying this way too much): "Yes ma'am!"

Me (denial oozing from my pores): "Are you SURE those are gray? Maybe they're blond."

Keaton (the little brat): "Nope, they are definitely gray."

Me (clearly in the middle of a deep pre-menopausal, mid-life panic): Okay, so there's what, two, maybe three?"

Keaton (looking, pointing, and counting meticulously, OUT LOUD): "Hmmmm...there's one...two...three...four...oh, there's a bunch!"

Me: "You're grounded."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Send that little brat to me! I'll make her appreciate every single one of your gray er blonde hairs!!

Trust me....I definitely have more and they stand out more because of my dark hair. She'll get hers one day! ;)