Friday, October 01, 2010

Mum’s the word

Reagan (15) had her first real homecoming this year involving a mum, a ‘date’ and all the broohaha that surrounds the time that epitomizes teen angst in the Lone Star State.  Too bad she broke up with the boy a couple of hours before the game actually started tonight, hence the boy-less homecoming photo below.

Oh, well.  The mum is clearly as ostentatious and gaudy as she’d hoped (her text to me this morning was “Mom! It’s SO big!!”), but it is a Texas girl’s right of passage wrapped in a huge fake flower surrounded by loads of crapola that cost some poor momma a butt-load of money, and Reagan will happily display for years to come.

Too bad the boy didn’t last but five minutes. 

Rea and her bestie, Hannah.



soccermom10 said...

OMG! Does it hang around her neck like a necklace??? WOW

Joanne said...

Lisa, I was just going to ask the same thing! Makes a lot more sense than trying to pin that sucker on! Just think how good it will look on her bedroom wall, though!

Devin said...

Yes! It hangs and is very heavy and awkward. I think you're right Joanne, hanging on the wall is the total point anyway!! What's funny is there are many mums all over Texas this homecoming season that are way bigger! LOL!