Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How much?

"I love you this much," we say to each other, raising our arms to the sky as high as they'll go. She laughs and says, "Do again, Mommy!" We repeat...many times. "...this much," and we both giggle.

So much. So very, very much.

Monday, June 29, 2009

He's an "eely" good swimmer

Landon's swimming lessons are over and he's proud to show off his blue ribbon and his certificate. He's an eel which means he can jump in the deep end and swim back, he can float, and he can swim for 15 feet. Actually, he can swim all over a pool and do flips off of the diving board; he just needs some "refining" in using proper swimming techniques.

So I guess Power Ranger ninja moves as you hurl yourself off of the side of a pool don't count as proper techniques.


He still has an eely, eely good time swimming.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Y oh Y

Hayden and Landon have been having a great time at the Y day camp the past few weeks. They play all day long and come home tired. Not too tired, though, as most nights I take them to a local park to run off the last of the wiggles. Last night we went to an after hours event at the Y that we could all participate in. The boys loved showing off to their sisters where they play each day and we all enjoyed a hot dog or two.

Just looking at her makes me smile.

Some of Hayden's camp buddies.

A pre-swim jog for Peyton and big sis Keaton.

Hayden's swim test.

"Watch me, Mom!"

Landon's favorite pool trick...look at those feet!

Hayden told me, "I love this place! It is so AWESOME!"

Keaton is a wonderful swim partner.

Three sisters.

Awwww...sweet baby physique.

We'd been home 20 minutes when I found this:

Little boys love the Y and mommies do too.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Top gun

Hayden, trying out his new gun.

Run for cover!

I can't wait until it's my birthday.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Turning eight is SO great!

Today Hayden turned eight years old. It's a fun age to watch; he's trying so hard to be big and resists vehemently being little.

But he is little...to me.

I'm enjoying the young man he's becoming. His heart is so kind and his demeanor is becoming more gentle. He's leaving the age where he steamrolls through life, demanding and expecting. He sees other's needs now. He recognizes that kindness feels good to receive but giving it feels amazing.

This birthday boy is probably partied out. He's had birthday celebrations here, there, and everywhere.


Baby sisters are always willing to help.

The big gift he's been wanting.

He was pretty thrilled with this one too.

"I picked the coolest cake EVER, Mom!"

The icing feels as good as it tastes.

Guess who was watching and followed suit before I could stop her.

Happy Birthday sweet boy. I love you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. I am so proud to call you mine.

Monday, June 22, 2009

We. are. family. I've got all my sisters (and mother and daughter) with me

Normally, my days are not my own. And never do I do anything that doesn't involve at least one of my children but usually many more. So you can imagine what a treat it was to spend a little adult time with my sisters, Gina and Krista, my mom, and my oldest daughter, Sutton (See, I always have at least one child around!).

We were cheap: we ate before we left and then had one drink each (nope, not 19 year old Sutton) and sadly for her, us old fogies called it a night before 11. But it was fun while it lasted and I'm back to mommy duty, where I'm really at home.

Sutton, Krista and I on the ride there.

Fast-face novices no more.

Sister, Gina, looking beautiful.

Naunie flanked by her girls.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Camp: It does a Mommy good

I dropped these two pretty girls off at church this morning at 6:30am to catch buses for youth camp in Oklahoma for five days. They were excited. So excited I don't think Keaton even went to sleep last night. So excited Reagan got up at 5am without me having to nag her. They cleaned their room, I mean really cleaned it. So excited they couldn't eat breakfast. They didn't argue or complain. They were patient and kind. They smiled.

Youth camp only happens once a year.

Too bad.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happily waterlogged

More birthday celebrating was done at this really amazing water park that truly had something for everyone. I think Hayden come up to us once the entire time we were there while Landon probably stopped by twice; they stayed so busy playing.

This is a brand new place.

Hayden hated loved getting dumped on.

Peyton wanted Reagan to keep moving.

"I'm not sure about this at all."

"On second thought, Weeeeeeeee!"

Reagan guiding Landon through the not-so-lazy river.

"Uh oh,...water's coming!"

This woman (my mom) has four children and 13 grandchildren. I'll have whatever she's having.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sprinkle mania

An afternoon at a local "Sprinkle Park" was just what we needed when the temperature inched toward 100 degrees. This outing was one of several activities scheduled to celebrate Hayden's impending 8th birthday and was such fun for all...even those of us unwilling to run about and get drenched. The fuddy-duddies in the group did, however, enjoy the cool mist and the frequent errant sprays that helped with the rising temps.

In the beginning, Peyton wasn't so sure.

Hayden found things a little colder than he expected.

"Brrrr...Hold me, Keaton!"

Landon found the best way to keep warm.

Peyton soon followed suit and wouldn't stop...

...except for the frequent hi-fives to Naunie

No one was exempt from his attempts to drench.

"Finally, my turn. Who will I shoot first?"


One last pic before we left. I love, love, LOVE this photo.