Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My girls are home…

…and I am so glad.

They had a WONDERFUL time with family. 

28283_1519483948967_1290582857_1405750_258590_n 35425_1514597666813_1290582857_1395450_8281733_n 36842_1519477668810_1290582857_1405727_4524761_n 34328_1522733716775_1487578350_1385424_6302408_n28283_1519483748962_1290582857_1405745_3982730_n 34446_1519490509131_1290582857_1405780_3545710_n 36188_1519463668460_1290582857_1405693_2738247_n 36399_1519488869090_1290582857_1405763_5205554_n 36411_1525152417241_1487578350_1391615_1396048_n 34155_1525153017256_1487578350_1391621_6676723_n 28244_1525139656922_1487578350_1391484_2400791_n 28449_1525153617271_1487578350_1391626_2081259_n[1] 34446_1519490629134_1290582857_1405783_6826240_n[1] 37328_1527447194609_1487578350_1396490_5301891_n 36738_1519560830889_1290582857_1406049_7005208_n

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy 9th birthday, Hayden

I tell people that I had parenting all figured out until I had my first boy.  Your four sisters require a different type of mothering than you and your brother so I adjust frequently.  I’ve learned that behind that raucous, tough-guy exterior is a wonderful little boy who still loves his morning hug and his before-bed kiss and a lot of reassurance. 

It’s been surprisingly wonderful the last few months to not open a door myself or carry a single bag of groceries in your presence as you seek to be a true gentleman.  I’ve seen you sit back and think before you react to your brother and give away a precious treasure to keep a sister happy, examples of your budding maturity.

Hayden, you are more precious to me than I can adequately express.  Watching you change and grow into a young man is new and exciting to me.  You came into this world the loudest baby I’d ever heard.  I look forward to witnessing how you will continue to make your presence known to others.

I love you so much,

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Girls’ getaway

Sutton (20), Reagan (15), and Keaton (12) were able to go on vacation with family but without mom and their little siblings…a much needed break for girls who deserve not only that, but so much more.  My car thermometer read 105 degrees in Texas today.  It goes without saying that the beaches of Florida seem much more appealing.

34328_1522621673974_1487578350_1384993_4357342_n 34328_1522622874004_1487578350_1384994_3092309_n 34328_1522708076134_1487578350_1385177_1799149_n 35425_1514598146825_1290582857_1395454_3427190_n

34328_1522733716775_1487578350_1385424_6302408_n 35425_1515255203251_1290582857_1396582_3121438_n 35425_1515255123249_1290582857_1396581_8173218_n 35425_1514597666813_1290582857_1395450_8281733_n

Monday, June 21, 2010

Playing hooky

Landon began to grow weary of school the last few weeks; in fact, the school nurse and I became fast friends as often as she would call me to say Landon wasn’t feeling well.  He wasn’t “sick sick,” as we call being truly yucky-sick, but rather it was the I’m-six-years-old-and-I’m-tired-of-school-and-just-want-to-play kind of sick.  He kept telling me “I just want to be with you, Mom.” Stab me in the heart, why don’t you? He’s a bit of a con-artist, I realize, but I love him:)

So one day I picked him up from the school nurse’s office and brought him to work with me.  He watched his dvd and ate snacks.  He flirted with the women in the office, especially Miss Danielle.IMG_0062

She made him signs for his room.  We went to lunch.IMG_0063

He got to watch some of the workers.IMG_0066

“I really REALLY want to play in this water, Mom.”IMG_0068

He took pictures.

IMG_0075 IMG_0089

He spun around in the chair ‘til he couldn’t see (or walk)straight.  He kept us all in stitches.IMG_0072

He also shredded a ton of paper for Miss Lisa, so much so that he earned $2…a veritable windfall when you’re six.

On the way home, he fell fast asleep.  Notice the $2 he’s clasping?


We went straight to the dollar store…IMG_0116

…and he went straight for the toys he’d been eyeing.IMG_0117

Guess who called me the next day?  Yep, my friend the school nurse.  Hayden decided that sick days are too much fun to miss.  Problem is, he said he felt like throwing up so I couldn’t take him to work with me. We stayed home and snuggled.  Pampering on the couch and a mom/son lunch out was still satisfying enough.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Phone dump

126 pictures.  On my phone.  It’s an issue.  A photographic issue.  I’d say I need a hobby.  But it appears I have one.

  IMG_0204 IMG_0231 IMG_0227 IMG_0228 IMG_0251IMG_0250    IMG_0181IMG_0238 IMG_0236 IMG_0229 IMG_0237 IMG_0242 IMG_0201 IMG_0163 IMG_0254IMG_0216

The end:)