Sunday, October 15, 2006

More grandparents, more spoiling

Today Diney and Big Daddy came and took us all to lunch. We had come straight from church so everyone had been quiet for at least and hour and we were hoping the verbal restaint would continue in the restaurant and all throughout our meal.

It did. The girls enjoyed visiting and the boys enjoyed eating, the way things tend to be lately.

We all returned to our house where our quiet boys came alive and the shows began. Diney and Big Daddy were kind enough to listen to all the girl's stories (and Keaton jokes) and clap at each boy performance.

When the noise level was at it's peak, Dad took both boys in to nap and the rest of us were able to visit for a few minutes without yelling to be heard.

What a nice time we had and what a delicious lunch. However, I'm sure Diney and Big Daddy will return to the quiet of their own home, thankful that the visits with us, while enjoyable, are periodic. We realize we are taken best in small doses.

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