Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Knock knock

Jimmy and I have been very cautious in regard to talking about my pregnancy. The kids know I'm pregnant, they've seen the ultrasound photos and videos, yet we haven't discussed the baby much in case something negative were to happen...we just wanted to give it a little more time.

Now that I am entering my second trimester, we've begun to talk a little more about the baby in front of the children. Last night, for example, as I was heading to my daily treadmill marathon, I was lamenting to Jimmy that my belly is already getting pretty round, lifting my shirt to prove it.

Keaton leapt from the kitchen area to the living room area (in a single bound) where I was standing; she has been waiting for this day for 3 months. Much to our surprise, she began kissing and rubbing my belly, talking to the baby as if he/she were already born and in our arms.

Hayden quickly joined in, moving his sister aside, lifting my shirt and covering my belly with rubs and kisses and sweet words for his littlest sibling.

Landon, who was not going to miss his chance, jumped on the ottoman and shoved both his siblings out of the way. He took one thumb and poked it in the top of my belly button and dug the other thumb in the bottom, spreading it apart much like opening a window.

He then leaned forward, peering into my belly button as if it were the peephole access to my uterus and called, "Hi baby! Awe you in dere?"

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Lisa said...

aawwww!! they are so sweet..