Saturday, October 14, 2006

When my Granna and Pawpaw come to visit...

...I get to ride on the mall carousel that mom and dad always say "no" to:

...I get to play beauty parlor with Granna:

Even Bubba joined in before he left for school. (Maybe we shouldn't tell Dad.)

...I get to go to Sutton's volleyball match with the family. (But only get to stay for one game of the match because I couldn't sit still and be happy, so Mommy had Pawpaw take me, Bubba, and her home...I tried, I really did!)

...And best of all, I get to put on show after show to a captive, adoring audience of two; this performance included my cape, my hard hat, my stick horse and my favorite rendition of "Wiggly Cowboy."

Yes, life is grand when my grandparents come to visit.

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Lisa said...

Please tell Granna it was a pleasure to meet her and visit with her during the game. They are both precious...