Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sometimes only a Sissy will do

I am so thankful to Granna and Pawpaw for coming all the way up here yesterday to babysit. They drove 2 1/2 hours here to stay with the other kiddos so I could attend Sutton's playoff game.

All went well until Hayden had to go to bed. Landon was not happy that Bubba was gone and then, after taking role and realizing that not only is Daddy out of town, but Mommy, who is always here, is missing too, Landon decided to get cranky. Fortunately, according to Granna and Pawpaw, he didn't cry, just whined for Mommy and could only be appeased by big sister, Reagan.

He would only lie down with her, no one else, and eventually fell asleep...they both did. What you can't see in the picture, and what I discovered when moving Reagan, is that under those covers, Landon has both legs sprawled across Reagan's legs and was holding on to her arm.

He wanted to be the first to know if she decided to leave him there alone, a move she would never have gotten away with.

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