Monday, September 22, 2008

Clearly, I'm her All Night Lollipop

We're teething.

I say "we" because it has become evident that little Peyton, 16 months, has chosen me as the lucky recipient to share this difficult time with her. She has these five teeth up front (yes, quite the odd grin) and now she's working on a few errant teeth in the back; strangely placed molars that are popping out in no apparent pattern.

And she's still nursing.




She chews on me. She gnaws on me. She's hurting. I'm hurting. We're both exhausted.

Ah well, but she's still pretty darn cute.


Annikke said...

Yes she is very cute, sorry she (and you too) are having to go through the awfulness of teething! poor girls!

Anonymous said...

Hi Devin,
Joshua is having the same problem (random teeth-especially molars- and pain). We are giving him some teething tablets that seem to give him some relief (I don't care much for Orajel-never had good results). I don't know if you want to try them...they are called Hyland's Homeopathic Teething Tablets (available at WalMart and Babies-r-Us,not sure about Target).
Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

awww!! she looks adorable mom. i miss ya'll so much!


Dana said...

That's hilarious. Sorry to hear it though! I have one son who is 6 months old and have never had the best nursing experience - so I can't imagine him teething too!! Yikes!

Devin said...

Yes, we've used those teething tablets when our kids were infants but not when they were older. They worked great then so I guess it's time to try them now. Thanks!!