Sunday, September 21, 2008

Field trip bliss

Landon (4) could hardly sleep Thursday night, so excited was he for his first ever field trip on Friday to the apple orchard. Not only was he going to accompany big brother Hayden on this field trip, but Landon was going to get to wear a uniform AND ride on a school bus.

The boy was positively tingling.

When we arrived at school, all of the children had to sit for chapel. Peyton decided that she, too, needed to participate and so she made herself a spot right there in front Landon's Pre-K class.

But Landon didn't mind.

Soon it was time to make their way to the buses. While waiting, Hayden was able to show off his sister.

And Landon demonstrated how big kids stand quietly in line WITH their hands behind their backs at all times.

Getting on the bus he was barely able to contain himself...

...much like his big brother.

"You can sit in that seat, Momma, I want you to come too!"

*sniff* *sniff*


Anonymous said...

Just doesn't seem like the same little boy that wouldn't go to school in the first place! What a big kid!

Annikke said...

How cute!