Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bracing herself

Over the past two months I haven't written much about Sutton and her injury. The stress fractures in her spine have caused much pain physically and much trepidation mentally. Her plan to be an outside hitter in college has been sidelined as the doctors and trainers haven't allowed her to jump, hit, or serve; all necessary elements on the outside hitter position. She has been wearing a brace 23 hours a day and receiving physical therapy an hour and a half each day. Her limited play has been relegated to back row only, and even then she's only been in to play a very few times.

She has had further testing done while in Virginia and has visited with yet another doctor who fitted her for yet another brace she must wear 23 hours a day. She assures me it is hot and uncomfortable but at this point she is doing whatever is necessary to be allowed to play.

Here are a couple of pics of Sutton in her latest brace:

And one of the few times she's gotten on the court (#13).

We're hoping for good news this week as she tries to actually hit with this new monstrosity brace. She is ready to PLAY.


Gina said...

Fingers are crossed and prayers being sent daily!

Annikke said...

Awww, poor girl! That thing looks uncomfortable!

Anonymous said...

That looks like it would be horrible to deal with...& it is always harder to deal with "stuff" when you're far away from your mother! Hang in there, Sutton! Hope things get better soon!

MKHKKH said...

Poor gal. That thing looks awful. Here is hoping she gets cleared soon!