Friday, September 19, 2008

Horse play?

Insistent that that she, too, can play volleyball, Reagan (13) is putting in the extra time and energy to follow big sister's footsteps. And considering the fact that she's shot up about six inches in the past few months, I think once she figures out how to control those newly lengthened arms and legs (and FEET), she'll be okay. She reminds me of a newborn foal just after birth trying fervently to balance atop its long legs. Note the resemblance between the foal and #5:

She's doing well; it's just going to take time, a lot of hard work, and (hopefully) some eventual coordination between all those flailing limbs.

The colt eventually figures it out, right?


Gina said...

Don't worry...just the desire to be as good as big sister will take her straight to the top of her game. (I promise..)

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Keep her going -- she will make it -- such determination!!!

Diney and Big Daddy