Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Big prayers needed

I got the following email from a friend who teaches at an elementary school here in Texas:

Hi all - We have another family at Boon that is currently being impacted by pediatric cancer. Carson is a kindergartener on our campus and has an older brother named Collin in the 2nd grade. I have had the pleasure of working closely with his family this fall, since it is part of my job to coordinate any home bound services for our students and to put together any accommodation plans . Carson has wanted to come to kindergarten so badly, and has been a little trooper each day....even coming one day with his chemo port (accompanied by his mommy!).

Last night his parents discovered that his AFB numbers had skyrocketed and he was admitted this morning for some aggressive chemotherapy treatment. He will be out for a number of days and we're not sure when he will return to campus. As you can imagine, elementary schools are hotbeds of germs :) and his immune system will be compromised. He will likely begin home bound services once he is released from the hospital. This little boy is so independent and has such personality - he is heartbroken that he is missing any school.

I cannot even tell you how amazing this family is and how much they need prayers right now. I have listed the Caring Bridge site that details Carson's situation and has a guest book for messages

With our campus being just one year past Spencer's death, we cannot imagine losing another child....and cannot fathom how it would affect this family.

Thanks for your thoughts!
Love, Libby

Please go here to read more about Carson and then go pray hard, really REALLY hard.

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