Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Seeing the sea lion

One of the fun extra adventures we had was our "Meet the Sea Lion" date. Jimmy scheduled a time for our family to visit alone with a sea lion and his trainer and the kids were able to touch the sea lion and give him some basic commands.

They got to shake hands:

They got to attempt "atta boys" where the sea lion patted their backs:

Well, Keaton thought she wanted a sea lion atta boy.

They posed with the sea lion as he said "CHEESE."

They even got sea lion hugs:

And while I know my family had a great time, from the looks of this picture it seems the sea lion might have enjoyed it a little too.


Anonymous said...

Keaton is going to LOVE that picture later in life - how funny & what a COOL experience! (I noticed you didn't make one of the pictures...did you have the same feelings Keaton did?)

Kesleigh Castle said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I certainly know where I'm coming if I should ever need parenting advice. I'm sure with 6, you have a lot of experience to share...

Devin said...

I stood back and let them do it because I had the best adventure of all that I'll post about tonight!

Devin said...

Howdy Kesleigh, glad you stopped by!