Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's her birthday

Our Keaton turns 11 today. I get a little misty because, sadly, she's no longer my little girl yet she's not quite a teen. Instead, she's temporarily stranded in that horrible twilight zone referred to as the tween years. As many parents know, the tween years are fraught with this horrifying psychotic teetering: your child longing to be big, but being practically cemented emotionally in the toddler stage.

It ain't pretty, y'all.

But I've been through this twice before and I know we'll survive because, really, take a look at this face:

She's tender-hearted and kind and beautiful and loving, but best of all she's ours. Thank you God, she's all ours.

Happy birthday sweet girl. We love you


Gina said...

I just love, love, love the new haircut! I love, love, love her as well. Happy Birthday Keaton!

Steph said...

She looks so grown up with the new haircut. I love it!

Aubrey said...

Happy Birthday to your "Tween"!

Any advice you could give would be great. I currently have a Tween girl and not sure how to handle all of the emotional ups/downs! My first Teen/Tween experience was with our son and was a breeze...

Devin said...

Thanks everyone. She's pretty full of herself today and if my memory is correct that should last the next, oh, 7-8 years. LOL!

Anyway, Aubrey, I'm not sure I have much in the way of advise other than patience and trying to build your girls up more than everyone else can tear them down (middle school is hell on earth for girls). But I do want to thank you for helping me, hearing that things were a breeze with your son gives me hope for these two boys who at 4 and 7 and making my life VERY hard right now. You made my night!

Again, thanks for the well-wishes for Keaton!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Keaton!! Sure do miss you all


Anonymous said...

It is PERFECT for you! You look sophisticated & mature...beautiful hair for a beautiful girl! I'd say it is the perfect look to start off your new 6th grade adventure!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Keaton! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Diney & Big Daddy