Thursday, July 31, 2008

High sea adventures

Jimmy chartered two separate boats on our vacation for the five older children, one at the beginning of the week and one at the end. The first outing involved fishing and snorkeling with Captain Brian.

They each got to drive the boat:

The girls got to snorkel:

And the fishing was awesome.

But poor Keaton got first hand knowledge of the effects of sea-sickness.

The Critter-Gitter outing was great fun too as Captain Ann made sure they were able to examine marine life up close and personal.

And thanks to some handy-dandy, super-duper medicine Dad got from a local doctor, Keaton was FINALLY able to enjoy some time on the high seas.


MKHKKH said...

What amazing memories they will have of your trip. Looks wonderful! Did you go with Peyton too?

Devin said...

Peyton did just about everything with the rest of the kids except the boating and playing with the animals. I kept her home because we weren't surehow she's do. So we just swam and played!

Gina said...

The kids look so interested in that "thing" I see there. I love the look on Sutton's face in the last pic. Something cracked her up.

Gina said...
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