Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pwecious wittle pupil

"What was the letter you learned in class today, Landon?"

"Today was the letter awwww."

"You mean the letter R?"

"Yes, awww."

"Great! What else did you learn about the letter R?"

"It goes like this: wa-wa-wa-wa...WABBIT!"

"Why, yes it does. You're a smart, smart boy Landon."

"Yeah. Thanks, Mom."


Annikke said...

Just like Bugs BUnny cartoons... "You wasskaly wabbit"... hee hee

Anonymous said...

Hi Devin! You have to read the children's book "Hooway for Wodney Wat"'s by Helen Lester. You may have already seen it, but it's a cute book about a rodent that can't say his r's and ends up defeating a bully!