Friday, April 11, 2008

"I'm ready to drop these kids off and leave them somewhere...FOREVER"

He said to me walking away. Quite tempting, I thought, but I hollered to him, "We might eventually miss them."

"Pfffft," was his only response.

Maybe it was the non-stop boy wrestling, yelling, screaming, arguing, hitting, crying, and tattling.

Maybe it was the cup of milk or the bowl of diced pineapple that doused the kitchen floor.

Maybe it was the misplaced homework, the tears of frustration during piano practice, or the the fact that he had no clean socks.

Maybe it was the payments due for Tae Kwon Do, dance class, piano lessons, birthday party invitations, more spending money for the $75 one day field trip, or the food money for the three day volleyball tournament.

Maybe it was the torn up washing machine from our over-enthusiastic teen, or the broken garage door from two boys who think it's fun to hang on and "ride it up, Momma!" until it derails itself from the track and remains until we pay the garage door man lots of money to repair it.

Maybe it's too much work, no sleep, providing for eight people, and having to be there when you want to be here.

Honey, you could drop them off and try to leave the forever, but I know you wouldn't make it five minutes without them.

Thank you, Daddy. We all love you.


MKHKK said...

We all have those moments. I think my husband has them nightly. :)

AZMom said...

My husband has said the same thing. I think they eventually would miss them.

As I say about my kids, and this too shall pass....LOL