Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Hayden and Keaton's school took a trip to a pumpkin patch yesterday, so Daddy and Landon tagged along.

Best seat on the trailer.


This donkey needs a dental intervention.

"We get to take one with us?!"

Hop on Daddy, I'm drivin' home!"


yestheirmine said...

We lived in Potland, outside of Courpus Christi. We moved a year and a half ago to Ms. We were foster parents first and adopted our foster children, plus three siblings to our youngest daughter. Our oldest daughter is bio, she begs to go back to TX. College is paid for by the state, so we will go back one day. I read Cindy's blog daily, she seems to be going through a lot lately. Eight is my limit maybe when my kids are older we will foster again. There is such a need its hard to say never. Come back and visit me anytime.

Blessings from above said...

Having children is wonderful wouldn't you say. Even though it is the hardest job I too have come head on with. :) But it is also the most rewarding as well. :)