Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cause and (the quite stinky) effect

Our pediatrician suggested the breast-only diet for Baby Girl until six months. We've been bopping right along with no problems until the past few days when she has lunged for and cried to taste just about anything I have eaten. She's recently attacked my banana and happily sneaked a nibble, begging constantly for tastes of all things, edible or not.

As is usual in my quest for perfect mothering (a crusade I continuously, pathetically fail), I called the doctor's office to seek approval to start cereal twelve days early. When the nurse stopped giggling at me for even asking, ("Honey, isn't this baby number six?!")I got my go-ahead.

**Okay, I'm a rule-follower; I follow the's a curse.**

Daddy got the cereal, I mixed it up, and everyone gathered 'round for the feast.

While she doesn't look thrilled in the pictures(the whole spoon concept was new and kind of threw her), her tummy got full and she was a happy camper. I was too until the inevitable dirty diaper happened this morning. Oh. my. gosh. Those breastfeeding poops pale in comparison.

Stuffed, sweet, and just a little bit stinky, that little girl of mine.

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