Wednesday, September 26, 2007

God just welcomed a new angel

Sweet baby Copeland went home tonight. Amazingly, her parents have updated. Worrying about that beautiful baby girl all night and all day makes me so very thankful as I watch my own baby girl breathe so effortlessly. Copeland touched more lives in eight days than most people do in many more. We have all been blessed. She is now safe in the arms of Jesus.


Mommy said...

Thanks for sharing this blog link. I read a lot of the story today and it makes me incredibly thankful to have my 9 month-old baby girl to hold. Bless their hearts to be so incredibly strong throughout these last few days. What amazing strength and faith they have.

I love reading your blog from time to time, too! I found it through one of the bow groups and it's so obvious you love your family. God has truly blessed you, too! ;)

Devin said...

Oh, thank you. And yes, I am so so blessed.