Thursday, September 27, 2007

In all fairness, he did what I asked

I urged Landon (3) to pick up the mess he'd made when he'd strewn items on the floor. I was busy with Peyton and didn't supervise the clean-up. He returned, so proud of a job completed and assured me it was well done. I went to inspect and was thrilled to find the area clutter-free. We high-fived as I praised his "big boy" action and the speed in which he accomplished his assignment.

I might have celebrated a little too early.

It's seems our decorative bird cage is a new easy place to "hide" items.

Mess off the floor, Mommy temporarily happy...yep, he's figuring it all out. Smart kid.

Well, other than the whole we-can-still-see-everything part.

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