Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Wet, wet World

Jimmy stayed up last night and mapped out our paths for today back at Magic Kingdom. We were up bright and early, grabbed a quick breakfast and were at the park before it opened.

We followed the "plan" and got to all of the places we wanted to get to today just before...

the rain hit.

We toughed it out, cold and wet, and made our way back to the hotel for much-needed naps. We covered a lot of ground and after this rest, and hopefully a rain reprieve, we'll go back at it. The parade is at 8:00 and the fireworks follow soon after.

Here are a few pictures of our morning. (Keaton was feeling a bit under-the-weather):

Waiting patiently to get in.

Guess who got a "Grumpy" shirt?

Performance to open the gates.

Daddy got tired of carrying so we got a double stroller.

Self-appointed family photographer.

The famous Dumbo ride we went to first.

Peter Pan ride.

It's a Small World

We need one of these at home!

Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Again, Hayden was not amused. He was, however, brave.

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