Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cinderella kisses, an icy bottom and plucking

The girls were goofing around with the camera last night as we were waiting for our dinner reservation. In the process, they got some pretty good pictures! After a delicious dinner at a cafe on our resort grounds, we sat outside at the marina and watched the Disney fireworks.

The rest of our evening involved Sutton and Jimmy ganging up on Reagan for some smarty comments she had made earlier and a pretty severe Sutton-wedgie. Poor Reagan had a cup of ice water poured down her pants and then Sutton sat on her to make sure it stayed good and cold for a while.

All was forgiven when Sutton agreed to be the eyebrow "plucker" on Reagan's eyebrows Sutton felt were in desperate need of plucking. Keaton has decided, after witnessing such mutilation, that she shall remain hairy forever.

Hayden and Landon hoping Cinderella would look at them. She did and Landon came screaming, "Mommy! Mommy! Cinerella wooked at me and she blowed a kiss at me!!" He's a little smitten.

Take a picture FAST! They're being nice to each other.

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