Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Last one to bed is a rotten egg

My dad, Poppie, has said that to us all for as long as I can remember and he was rarely the "rotten egg" as his bedtime is soon after sundown. We, however, after quite the busy evening, had no trouble getting everyone to bed. As usual (even though it was me that issued the challenge) I won the stinky egg award, taking a few minutes to download all the new pictures and edit them.

After all the boys napped and we had dinner, we headed back for more fun. It was still sprinkling but as you can see, Landon just put his Mickey ears over his hood...he's dedicated.

Looks like daddy enjoys the ears too!

Mickey's "real" house!

The Tea Cup ride.

Snow White adventure.

Buzz Lightyear ride that the girls and Hayden absolutely loved!

Too tired to go on...Landon too.

Watching the Disney World fireworks in the park.

After the fireworks show, we turned to head back to our hotel. As you can see from this picture of Main Street Disney World as we were leaving, about a million people had the same idea. We got back about 11:00 and fell into bed.

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