Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Almost over...last full Disney day

We headed out again early this morning, arriving a few minutes before the park opened. We rode the train to the section of the park we were interested in and got busy.

Hayden insisted on riding Buzz Lightyear again and this time Landon and Dad joined us while the girls rode big rides.

The whole family was way above Disney World when we rode Space Orbiter. Sutton was with me and we barely got seated before the ride started...our looooong legs couldn't get folded up easily in a seat together. Next time we're each riding with little people.

Mom and the boys went to Minnie Mouse's house while Dad and the girls went to ride Space Mountain...TWICE it was so fun!

Lunch on the square on Main Street Disney.

Question: Which one is Goofy?
Answer: ALL of them!

Going nowhere without their new Mickey Mouses (or is that Mickey Mice?)

View of the inside of our hotel when you step off the monorail inside.

The boys are napping and the girls are back at Magic Kingdom riding the big rides. It's so nice they are old enough to enjoy the parks without us.

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