Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Holiday evacuees

We are still visiting my parents in central Texas and having a great time. The kids are getting their fill of Poppie's fine cooking while Naunie and Poppie are getting more than their fill of grandkids.

One of the down-falls of being the grandparents visited after you open your Christmas presents is that the grandchildren play with the toys incessantly and loudly. As all parents know, the "honeymoon period" on new toys is about three days...just enough time for Naunie and Poppie to get quite the overdose of my family, plenty to hold them until next year.

Granna and Pawpaw had us Christmas morning, and as you can see from the gifts received, they had every right to scoot us (and our new toys) out the door to Naunie and Poppie's soon after Christmas lunch.

The Little Drummer Boy is a sweet Christmas song. Our drummer boy was sweetest when he put his drumsticks down.

Guitar playing isn't nearly as hard on the ears until the guitar player decided he needed to try and play louder than his drumming brother.

Landon: "Come on Bubba! Let's hit it!"

TMX Elmo is a laughing fool. He laughs and laughs and giggles and rolls around and laughs some more. (He has also been hidden away in a bag until we get back home.)

Reagan and Keaton got some nice, soft, quiet stuffed animals they seem to love.

There's nothing better than dress-up clothes for a boy who likes to streak.

The girls were really hoping Santa would come later in the morning.

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