Thursday, December 28, 2006


Sunday school teacher: "Good people go to church on Sundays."

Hayden: "Yeah, we even let my little brother come even though he makes messes."


Christmas morning waiting with Mom and Landon in the bedroom while Dad checked to see if Santa came.

Hayden: "I really hope Santa brought me a guitar!"

Mom: "Well, have you been good?"

Hayden: "Yes ma'am! I was really good while I was sleeping!"


Helping mom pack today to come home.

Hayden: "I want to be an astronaut and a dad."

Mom: "That sounds great, Hayden."

Hayden: "Yeah, I'm going to stay at home with my family and work."

Mom: "Is that what astronauts do?"

Hayden: "Well, I will stay home most days, but every once in a while I'll go to the moon for a few hours and to Mars."

Mom: "Wow, sounds exciting."

Hayden: "Yeah, it'll be cool."

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