Tuesday, November 28, 2006

You know the morning is going to be interesting when...

...the first words out of your toddler's mouth when he awakens is, "Stop WOOKIN' at me, Bubba!"

The morning doesn't improve when the five year old screams back, "I'm not looking at you, you're looking at ME!"

Keaton got sucked in when any spot she chose to sit for breakfast was denied by both brothers. "You tan't sit wif me, Teeton! Go ober der," Landon pointed to the other side of the kitchen.

Neither boy slept last night. Hayden was up every hour from 8:30-12:30 alternating between bad dreams and missing Daddy. I finally put him in Landon's toddler bed in my room as Landon obviously isn't using it since he's got two legs and an arm across me all night long. I got out of bed at 3:30 and went in the living room only to be called back to bed by my tiny sleep partner a few minutes later.

In their little minds, when one parent leaves, you better keep a close eye on the other parent because you can never be too sure when that one will leave you too. Add to that Hayden's first night-time accident in weeks and Landon using an old pacifier and you've got little psyche's struggling.

On a positive note, Landon refused to wear a diaper on our trips to some stores yesterday, he only wanted his "big boy pants." He tinkled before we left in the big boy potty and after an hour or so I convinced him to go in the store's restroom. He made it all morning with no accidents. Small steps.

The girls are all happy to be back in school. Kids all do better with a set schedule and structure gives them stability. Reagan is worrying about her first year of finals, 6th grade is challenging. Keaton is thriving at her new school and Sutton is already scheduling her senior year classes.

Sutton and Reagan in the cog railway train as we made our way to the top of Pike's Peak.

Reagan and Keaton riding rides at the North Pole.

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