Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My wonderfully frugal daughter

I have to brag on Sutton. She is getting ready for her high school volleyball banquet this weekend, her third year to attend. The first year she told me that all the girls wore formal dresses and I didn't believe her so I sent her in the dress she had worn to her eighth grade banquet the year before, a tea length Sunday dress.

The joke was on me as ALL the girls were in long formals, complete with hair and nails and fancy handbags...the works. I felt terrible.

Last year we were prepared. My sister got married the summer before and Sutton was a bridesmaid so she had this beautiful red formal dress she could wear to the banquet. I did an updo on her hair and she had the jewelry, the shoes...the works.

When we walked into that banquet, she was the only girl in a long formal dress. Evidently the girl rules changed unbeknownst to us. She had to endure quite a bit of teasing. I vowed that night that Sutton would get a new dress for this year's banquet if I had to take out a loan to get her one.

As the date has approached, Sutton and I have discussed what the other girls have already bought.

"It's like every year, Mom. Most of the girls spend $350 or so on the dress. Then the shoes usually run about $100. Then the hair is another $50-$75. Oh, and then there's the manicure."

I assured her that $500 or more on a banquet outfit was out of the question. She laughed, expecting that response from me, content with my limitations.

She and I took all four of the other kids last night to Ross to begin our dress hunt. I am so proud to say that Sutton bought two dresses. One dress was $22 and the other was clearanced at $8 (down from $65.)

PLUS, she got two pair of shoes to go with the dresses. One pair was $19.99 and the other was $11.99. We also found jewelry to match. A necklace that was $2 and earrings to match that were $.25.

She's asked me to do another updo on her hair and is using a gift certificate she got for her birthday to get the manicure/pedicure.

I won't be able to attend this year as Jimmy will be out of town teaching and at a cost of $25 per plate, I'm not about to take four kids who will be anything but cooperative for the three hour banquet.

But I will send her on her way with confidence that not only will she be the most beautiful girl there, but she is definitely the smartest.

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