Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A night of howls and screams (and that was BEFORE we left the house)

It was quite a big night. The tears to begin trick-or-treating began about 4:30. We still had dinner and dressing to do. Everyone somehow found someone to argue and fight with and the two boys were unbearable. Holidays are no fun around here...too much excitement and anticipation for little systems to tolerate.

I forced dinner down all of them and, as usual, the putting on of the costumes was a fiasco. The cold weather forced a change in Hayden's outfit which resulted in a melt-down like no other. I made him wear khaki pants instead of shorts. His response to the change was quite ugly.

Landon just wanted Daddy who was again out of town; not much I can do about that one. Landon's m.o. is that if he's happy and fed and playing; having Mommy around is just fine. If, however, he's tired, hungry, bored, mad at Bubba or just in a funk, the screams for Daddy begin and little will calm him. My frustration level stays at its peak when Jimmy's out of town, much like Landon's, I'm afraid.

The following photo was captured only after I promised them we would leave as soon as they let me take a picture. They begrudgingly gave in.

The above picture depicts the kinder, gentler side of Halloween; a crocodile hunter, a fifties girl, and a cowboy. There is nothing spooky or scary about those costumes.

The same cannot be said for the picture below:

A hormonal teenager and her pre-teen, pre-hormonal sister. This picture makes me shudder with fright. LOL!

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