Thursday, November 02, 2006

Clothes call

As you might have noticed, there has been a theme to Landon's pictures lately. He is either partially disrobed or is wearing nothing but underwear or a diaper...I make him wear something as he'd prefer to go through life in the buff.

The only problem he has noticed with running around almost naked is that when Mommy says it's time to go somewhere, she won't take a partially clad toddler with her. Inevitably, there is a frantic clothes search as few in the house neither see Landon shuck the clothes nor have any idea where he's stashed them.

This weekend I needed to go somewhere and Landon wanted to go with me. I told him he needed to find his clothes.

"I tan't!" he retorted.

"If you want to go with me, you need to go find your clothes," I reminded him for the umpteenth time.

"UGGGGGHHHHHH!" he sighed loudly, obviously taking notes from his big brother.

"Go find your clothes, Landon," I said again as he stomped off.

I hear him going room to room calling, "Clothes, where awe you?"

I waited a few minutes in the bedroom while he looked, hollered, desperate to accompany me on my journey. He came in and walked up to me, his head hung low, looking very dejected, no clothes in hand.

I knelt down to look at him eye to eye as he sighed, "Mommy, I don't hab dem. My clothes tan't find me."


Anonymous said...

What a cutie. I can totally relate. I'm a mother of 4, ages ranging from 3 mos to a 15 year old. My second child was my most enfamous nudist. Once, when we were hanging out at a playplace that offered plastic ball bins, mazed tunnels and a little domed airshoot that you could float the plastic balls on, she was all but too enthralled. So much so that she decided to take off her shirt, lose it in the ballbin and also make a parachute out of her panties over the airshoot. Yes, she loved being naked. It wasn't until she was about five that she gave up the striptease as soon as she hit home's door.

Devin said...

Oh my! What a hilarious story. I love the panties as a parachute! They are a hoot, aren't they?!