Monday, October 02, 2006

Hoo-ha's or hineys

It is said that men fall into two distinct categories; they are either breast men or rear men. I have no idea if this rings true on a more global scale, but in my own family, the men have definite preferences.

My father and husband...butt men. My brother and brothers-in-law...unflinchingly, unabashedly, boob men. What's so interesting to me is that neither side quite "gets" what is so great about the others side's partiality. We've had family discussions that involve comments such as, "No man, don't tell me that," or "You have got to be kidding me."

Not your typical holiday conversation topic for other families, I'm sure; but we're are admittedly a little different.

Tonight we had a guest over for dinner. Markay teaches with the same company as Jimmy and came to town on a business trip.

We had a lovely dinner of Jimmy's famous ribs and brisket and a delicious dessert of ice cream. After we visited a while and gotten most of the kids in bed, Markay brought out her computer to share with us pictures of her new baby boy who is only two months old and, sadly for Markay, home with Daddy.

She clicked on file after file, taking Jimmy and me from late pregnancy belly shots all the way though the sweet baby smiles that are beginning to sneak out now that the baby is older.

During our survey of some photos from the hospital, Markay happened to click on a breastfeeding shot. Nothing inappropriate was visible, but she was, of course a little embarrassed and quickly moved on to the next picture, apologizing.

I laughed and teaslingly said, "Don't worry, Markay, Jimmy is not really a breast man anyway; but if you have any rear shots, he might be interested in seeing those."

We giggled and I noticed Jimmy looked a little confused. We spent several more minutes "oohing" and "aahing" over the adorable little guy before Markay had to leave.

Later Jimmy and I were talking about all the sweet pictures when the aforementioned photo was brought up. Jimmy shrugged and said, "I never even realized it was a breast shot, I thought it was just a baby head."

See, he didn't even notice. My brothers-in-law, on the other hand, would have not only noticed, but would have probably been quite impressed.

I'm learning that men are quite my family at least.

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Wife if Bro-n-law said...

U'r bros-n-law would want 2 no why u didn't post the pic u'r talkn' about!