Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Big plans

This morning as Hayden and I made breakfast:

Hayden: "I'm going to do this some day when I'm a dad."

Mom: "What? Make breakfast?"

Hayden: "Yes, when I'm a dad I'll make breakfast."

Mom: "To be a dad you have to get married."

Hayden: "I know, I'm going to marry Jordan."

Mom: "Oh really? Where will you two live?"

Hayden: (immediate and definite response) "California."

Mom: "California? Gosh, that's a long way from here. Dad and I won't get to see you very often if you live in California."

Hayden: "I know."

Mom: "Where will you work?"

Hayden: (Inject here a long drawn out tale of gibberish that made no sense.)

Mom: "I have no idea what you are talking about. I don't even think that's a job."

Hayden: "Oh well, never mind...I think I'll just work with Dad then."

Mom: "Okay, I'm sure Dad would like that."

Hayden: "Yeah, he'd like that."

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