Sunday, October 01, 2006

The celebration (Warning: Lot's-o-pictures)

We took Sutton and seven of her best girlfriends to The Magic Time Machine to celebrate her birthday. We were seated in the "locker room" as the girls giggled over Captain Jack who was waiting tables near us.

Imagine their delight when Captain Jack was our waiter as well. The girls were positively giddy and, all of a sudden, uncharacteristically very bashful.

Salad was served in a car.

And the bubbly drinks were a hit with even the youngest party-goers.

Once we got home, there was cookie cake and presents. They are such a sweet group of girls. Sutton sure knows how to pick 'em.

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Anonymous said...


Even though I have only known you for 6 years,I promise you this, that your Aunt Paula will be there for you in your adult life. You have already started that part of your journey, and what a beautiful woman you are.

You are loved,
Aunt Paula