Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Hayden, after supposedly recovering from his 24 hour bug, graciously allowed others in our family the experience of repetitive vomiting for no apparent reason.

Not to be left out, Keaton began last night after dinner and Reagan soon followed; each alternating caring for the other when it wasn't her "turn." While sad (and really quite gross), it was so nice to have them working together on something rather than fussing about nothing, as is their usual pattern. I have to look for progress in all areas of our lives, even puke-influenced ones.

Hayden got up this morning ready to head back to school, only to upchuck right on the carpet in the hall. I can't tell you how sorry I am that I made goulash for dinner last night. Even Jimmy commented that if someone had told him years ago, during his carefree bachelor days, that he'd be picking tomatoes out of the carpet someday, he wouldn't have believed them.

Never one to skip a good barfing exhibition, Landon raced from bathroom to bathroom, hoping not to miss a single second, questioning every move and unfamiliar noise with his usual energetic inquisitiveness. This morning's Hayden vomit-viewing must have proven too much even for Landon, as he immediately began to gag and Jimmy raced him to the kitchen sink. So far so good, but watching all of that wretching had to get to the little guy eventually.

Needless to say, Keaton and Hayden are home for the day. Jimmy took Reagan to school as she refused to miss a single day, so scared is she of the make-up work. And Sutton attempted to ignored us all as she tried to sneak out of the house, unseen and without breathing our air.

The next 24 hours should be quite interesting with many questions yet to be answered. Will Reagan make it all day at school? Will Sutton survive unscathed and dodge the inevitable? Will Landon make it to the next "viewing" in time to see it all?

Stay tuned!

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