Monday, September 11, 2006

Perfect sense

Hayden: "Look Keaton, I wrote my name perfect."

Keaton: "That's not perfect Hayden."

Hayden: "Yes, it is perfect."

Keaton: "No, it is not perfect. Only God is perfect."

Hayden: (thinking of a rebuttal) "Well, God told me to write my name perfect and I did, so it is perfect."

Keaton: (thinking of her own rebuttal) "Okay, well, ummm...nevermind...let's try to draw a duck. See mine."

Hayden: "Okay, but I will make my duck perfect."

Keaton: "Fine Hayden, yours can be perfect."


Natalie said...

Your kids crack me up! Your stories never fail to bring a smile to my face.

Keep it commin'.

Devin said...

Thanks Natalie! Australia? WOW!! Love your blog too!