Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Captain Curious

Yesterday continued as it began. Sutton didn't get sick, Reagan made it all day at school, Keaton stayed home feeling icky, Hayden milked his funny tummy for all it was worth, and Landon held vigil just waiting for the next incident.

Landon did get "lucky" when Hayden's hurtin' stomach went south and he was forced to run to the potty with an unexpected case of diarrhea. Jimmy was johnny-on-the-spot, immediately by Hayden's backside making sure all nether-regions were spic and span, something you can't always trust a five year old to do. Sensing another presence, Jimmy discovered Landon's head right in the needed-to-be-spruced-up-area, quick with his, "What doin' Daddy?" inquisition.

The kid doesn't miss a thing.

He did, however, lose some of his enthusiasm when his own tummy revolted, forcing our once eager little spectator to retreat into "hold me" status for the rest of the afternoon.

Hopefully, all our family members are on the mend and those not afflicted as of yet will squeak by unscathed. I'm still trying to decide, though, is this nausea actually morning sickness or am I being sucked into the dregs of the infirmed; either way...yuk.

I do know that I have recently purchased some little boy binoculars and with the events of the past few days coupled with the uncertainty of our future health, I think I will hide them for a while longer, lest Landon decide to take them to his next bizarre "viewing." There is no telling what part of the body he might decide to zoom in on next.

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