Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Daddy, what dat man doin'?"

Ah, the joys of taking your toddler to your obstetrician appointments. At my appointment yesterday, we went over the following:

"Daddy, what dose?" (Inspecting the stirrups folded up.)

"Daddy, what dey do?" (Studying the stirrups folded down.)

"Daddy, me do it!" (As he gleefully folded the stirrups up and down and up and down.)

"Mommy, what you doin'?!" (As I disrobed behind the sheet Jimmy was holding up so I could preserve some dignity.)

"MOMMY!" (Laughing as he gawked at my nakedness.)

"Daddy, Mommy take off her diaper." (Snickering as I took off my underwear...Where'd he get diaper? I promise they were bikinis!)

"Daddy, what dat man doin'?!" (It was also my annual exam, I think you know what he was referring to.)

"Mommy, me hold you hand?" (As I was having blood drawn.)

"Mommy, me carry it! I do it!" (As he grabbed the obligatory diaper bag they give you and lumbered down the hall.)

"Mommy, I get a slurpee now?" (Yes, and I need a huge mocha frappaccino...FAST!)

Only eight more months.

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