Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Little blue butt

(Editorial note: In our family we never say the word butt. We use hiney, bottom, rear and fanny; but never the word butt. For this post, however, I am being somewhat rebellious and using the baaad word. Shhhh...don't tell the kids or I'll hear all about it.)

I try to learn something new every day. Some days I learn things quite meaningful and useful like who has Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate ice cream on sale, or that if you place vomit-covered clothes and bedding directly into my super fancy front loader washing machine, the machine will separate the chunks from the clothes for me and I will only have to empty the catcher thingy up front. Now that's useful information in a house with five kids.

Yesterday I learned something very important; something that many mothers may have never experienced, yet I will not soon forget or repeat.

I discovered that if you give a toddler two Firecrackers, shown above, and then he poops; everywhere the poop touches leaves a blue residue. So, when I changed Landon's poopy diaper last night before his bath, I discovered a blue butt that would not be cleaned by mere baby wipes. It wasn't just a little blue, it was a bright blue; the blue dye in the popsicles had tattooed his bo-hiney. That kid's butt was blue! Unbeknownst to the little Smurf wanna-be who ran around the bathroom buck-naked, he was sporting the cutest little azure colored rear end I had ever seen.

Only after I caught him, wrestled him into the tub, held him down, lathered him up, and scrubbed the aforementioned blue tinted area, did his butt emerge, sparkling in it's original snow white brilliance.

So, I learned that while Landon can continue to have his favorite Firecracker popsicle, he is going to be held to only one a day. Otherwise, he'll have another blue-hued butt and...well...that's just strange.

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