Monday, August 28, 2006

Trouble ahead

This morning before he left for school, I went over Hayden's graded work with him from last week. He had 100's on every paper but one, where he missed a single problem.

I showed him the graded paper and explained that he missed that math problem because he hadn't circled the correct number of ducks. He was supposed to circle seven ducks and he only circled six.

Mom: "Do you see why you missed that problem?"

Hayden (defiantly): "No."

Mom: "Well, you didn't circle the correct number of ducks."

Hayden (more defiantly): "Yes, I did."

Mom (pointing to the ducks individually): "No, babe, you were supposed to circle seven ducks and you only circled six., two, three, four, five, six and seven."

Hayden: (silence)

Mom: "Do you see now why the teacher marked that problem incorrect?"

Hayden: "No."

Mom: (heavy sigh, knowing stubbornness was rearing it's ugly head.)

Hayden: "She's wrong."

Mom: "Who's wrong, Hayden?"

Hayden: "That teacher. She's wrong. That answer was right and she said it was wrong. So I'm right and she's wrong."

Good luck with that one, smart boy. Mrs. Constance is gonna love the taste of you.

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